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Global BNPL SaaS ready to scale

Sileon offer fast to market, world class Buy Now Pay Later capabilities to banks, lenders and large merchants.

We enable you to run your BNPL in-house and scale your business – on your terms and in your brand.

Our offering consists of our Platform and Solutions, giving you API based modular access according to your needs. You can run your BNPL business at point of sale or in post-purchase – or both. It’s all SaaS-based and ready to scale.

This set up is designed in response to real business demands, equally relevant for lenders and merchants. Fitting your infrastructure and compliance needs like a glove, allowing you to launch your BNPL in weeks, not months. So you can reach your sales targets and serve your customers and harvest on the growing BNPL demand.

Rest assured, we are no fintech startup. For years we have been perfecting and developing our high-capacity platform together with our customers. It’s there, ready to integrate and launch.

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Why choose Sileon?

Your benefits

BNPL under your flag

100% your data, your brand, your customer experience and control.

Fast to market with SaaS

From initial contact to implemented solution, live within weeks.

Modular and flexible

Pick and choose BNPL modules, or run an end-to-end solution.


Market, brand and technology agnostic.

Sileon and Visa collaboration

“Sileon is one of the most exciting companies in this segment. Therefore, Visa is extremely pleased to expand our collaboration with this investment.

Through the collaboration with Sileon, our customers can offer a competitive product and take a position in a rapidly growing market. Visa sees this as a long-term and strategic investment to strengthen our offering and our customers further beyond card payments.”

Philip Konopik
Nordic Manager, Visa

What we offer banks, lenders and financial institutions

Our platform helps you enter the Buy Now Pay Later space in short time, fully compliant and without heavy IT investments.

So you can go to market with the latest financial products to your partners and customers, and grow your business.

  • Go to market fast
  • Scalable platform
  • Secure and compliant

What we offer merchants

Know your customers, win your market. With Sileon you get BNPL capabilities under your brand, with your customer relationships and valuable data in your own hands.

Our flexible platform and solutions serve as your in-house BNPL engine, giving you full control to tailor the customer journey and brand experience.

  • Plugs into your financing solution
  • SaaS based business model
  • Full control of your data and customers dialogue
  • Scalable, market and technology agnostic

BNPL SaaS made in Sweden.

For global demand.

Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) is in strong growth across the globe, driven by consumer demand for convenient and quick payment options and a continued growth in e-commerce and digitalization. Research indicates continued strong growth, as users in different generations clearly prefer this payment method while shopping.

To tap into the booming BNPL transaction volumes, Sileon’s platform is your go-to-market machine. It’s your behind the scene engine, enabling you to service your customers in your own brand, and with full access to all your data. And the good news is, you can get all it without heavy IT investments or time-consuming development. Contact us to learn more.

  • Harvest now on the growing BNPL trend
  • Secure your brand experience within BNPL
  • Exceed your end users expectations

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