Our story

From payments to fintech

Sileon’s history dates back to 2000. That was the early days of the digital era, as well as in the payments sector. A lot has changed since then as we have moved our business from payments to fintech.

With an extensive track record of developing pioneering tech and payment solutions for our Nordic customers, our focus now lies on helping international banks, lenders, and fintechs to quickly go to market with a superior card-based BNPL offering. Our cutting-edge software containing secure and scalable APIs is cloud-based, as well as market- and transaction agnostic.

Our role is to enable you to scale, increase revenue and exceed customer expectations.

Our vision

We exist to enable our customers to exceed their consumer’s BNPL expectations

At Sileon, we want to make BNPL convenient and easily accessible for banks, lenders and fintechs. It doesn’t matter where your company is located, our product has no geographical restrictions.

We also believe in simplicity. That’s why we’ve developed a scalable SaaS product, allowing you to skip the hassle of burdensome tech investments and save both time and resources. While you take center stage, our Platform and Solution modules work behind the scenes, ensuring the BNPL offering runs smoothly.

Flexibility and going fast to market are other key factors we advocate strongly. Our API-based BNPL product is designed to evolve as your business expands, and with SaaS, time to market is dramatically minimized, enabling you to launch your BNPL offering within weeks.

Want to get into detail? Schedule an appointment to find out how Sileon’s modular BNPL SaaS product can help your business grow.

Where it all happens

The city view from our office is spectacular, and so is our team spirit.

We work in spacious and modern premises at the historical Münchenbryggeriet, located on the waterfront of Riddarfjärden in Södermalm, Stockholm.

Our open-floor office is where the management team, product developers, business analysts, and everyone else of the 50 Sileons come together as a team to shape the future of Buy Now Pay Later, and drink coffee. We do love our coffee.

The brains behind the product

Nothing would be possible without bold ideas and the courage to challenge. Meet Sileon’s dream team - the creators shaping the future of BNPL.

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Bahareh ZandCPO
Christoffer JezekCTO
David LarssonCEO

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