Frequently asked questions

Here we answer some of the most common questions we receive.

  • What are the advantages with Buy Now Pay Later SaaS?

    The pros of a SaaS based modular Buy Now Pay Later platform are many! First and foremost it is cloud based and you access it via an API. This means that it is constantly being developed to fit new payment trends and consumer behavior. By experts in the field.

    Instead of building your own platform you skip the development phase and jump directly to settings of your BNPL offering. This takes you to market within weeks instead of months, or as for some – years. Time is money, some say, and we agree. Going to market fast sets you up for earlier income.

    Other advantages are your ability to stay focused on your core business development and the flexibility to scale to new markets and/or payment products over time, by simply adding more modules to your offering. Oh, and the cost savings you will do on IT-investments.

  • How does Sileons BNPL product work?

    You access Sileons Buy Now Pay Later platform via a simple API. Based on your tech stack and market needs, we advise and help with your set-up to meet your requirments. Be it an end-to-end solution or a more limited one.

    When configuring your settings we take your markets, legal terms, risk settings and lending products into consideration to build your BNPL offering.

  • What is unique with Sileons Buy Now Pay Later platform for lenders?

    Sileon’s BNPL platform is built on many years of learnings and development as a payment provider. We have listened to the needs and wants of modern lenders and developed a modular product that is robust, fast, secure and user friendly. The Sileon Buy Now Pay Later platform enables its users to scale their business without investing in heavy development and maintenance costs.

  • What are the benefits for a lender using your BNPL platform?

    Glad you asked! We’ve built in advantages that will benefit your business from day one. Our Buy Now Pay Later platform allows you to:

    • radically shorten your time to market
    • plug and play – our technology fits right into your infrastructure of your own lending, terms and risk settings
    • scale your business
    • technically scale as go grow – to new markets or with new credit products, simply by adding another module to your BNPL-settings.
    • orchestrate your BNPL in the way you prefer – in your brand and with full access to all your data.
  • How do I get started implementing Sileons Buy Now Pay Later product?

    When implementing Sileon’s BNPL products you are in the hands of our dedicated onboarding team. We will help you get going and support you through the whole process. The technology is API-based, so the first step for you will be to review Sileons API in relation to your tech stack. Next up is setting up a test environment where you can experiment with settings and Buy Now Pay Later modules.

  • What do your customers say about your product?

    Many of our customers have been our clients for years. We have grown together and they have chosen us again and again. We figure that’s significantly promising for new businesses ready to launch their Buy Now Pay Later offering. What stands out in customer reviews is the fact that we enable our clients to go to market fast – as this sets them up to deliver on changing consumer behaviour and cut heavy IT-investments.

  • How will your technology implement to our systems?

    When implementing a BNPL product from Sileon you will work with our onboarding team to review and find the optimal set-up that fits your needs. Rest assure, our platform is designed to smoothly plug in to any tech stack.

  • What markets does your BNPL product support?

    Sileon’s offering is not limited by geography. It is SaaS-based, ready for users to plug in to our products from any market, all around the planet.

  • Who does what when implementing a Buy Now Pay Later solution?

    Sileon always support new users all through the implementation of new BNPL products. Our onboarding team will be right by your side from start to finish – and beyond. We start with you reviewing our API, us setting up a test environment where we validate the installation and configuration of your BNPL offering, before we set it up in a production environment and perform tests, verifications and validate when we are good to go.

  • How long does it take to implement a BNPL offering to my customers?

    Time to market with a BNPL offering from Sileon depends on several aspects. How will this fit in to your your schedule? Is this a prioritized project? Are you able to allocate resources to this project? You can count on that we do our outmost to be there for you when you are ready to roll.

    It’s tricky to give a general estimation that applies to all projects, but from our perspective – setting up with a fully dedicated user we need 10-12 weeks. From API-review to live on the market.

  • Can I offer Buy Now Pay Later in an app?

    Yes! Sileons products work with any type of digital output, for example app or web page.

  • Why choose Sileon over other Buy Now Pay Later-players?

    We have long experience from BNPL, and our products are based on the latest technology. Your data and brand is 100% in your hands, Sileon’s platform works in the background, putting YOU center stage.