BNPL built on card infrastructure

For global demand

Want to up your game and empower your business with card-linked BNPL functionality? With Sileon’s scalable and market agnostic Platform, you can leverage end-users growing demand for flexible payment schemes.

Our Platform enables B2B or B2C BNPL as a service, allowing you to tap into the booming BNPL market and create BNPL products tailored for any market, tier or customer segment. As the Platform is payment agnostic, it’s applicable for credit cards, debit cards or any other alternative payment method.

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Sileon and Visa collaboration

“Sileon is one of the most exciting companies in this segment. Therefore, Visa is extremely pleased to expand our collaboration with this investment.

Through the collaboration with Sileon, our customers can offer a competitive product and take a position in a rapidly growing market. Visa sees this as a long-term and strategic investment to strengthen our offering and our customers further beyond card payments.”

Philip Konopik
Nordic Manager, Visa

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