We give you BNPL capabilities fast and securely

Sileon offers banks and lenders BNPL capabilities on a cloud based platform that fits right into your infrastructure to seamlessly get going.

You can go to market fast with a smooth integration and a simple upkeep. Yes it’s true, you can securely launch your BNPL offering within weeks.

  • Widen your offering
  • Scale your BNPL transactions
  • SaaS based platform
  • Proven technology running on large e-comms

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Meet consumer behaviour. Go to market fast.

Benefits for Lenders

Fast to market with SaaS

From initial contact to implemented solution, live within weeks.

Low complexity & risk

API based BNPL reduces your complexity and risk.

Proven & secure

Platform running on several of the largest e-comms in the Nordics


Market, brand and technology agnostic.

World class BNPL SaaS platform

Access to Sileon is simple, the cloud based platform is yours through an API based model.

With that in place, you tap into the functionality you need based on your requirements. Then the stage is set for you to start scaling your BNPL business. And rest assured, we are here to help you all along the way.

  • Purchase handling
  • Deposit handling
  • Account handling
  • Transaction log
  • Dynamic Credit products
  • Repayment handling

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Staying ahead is key

The financial landscape is changing. In order to stay relevant to end customers it’s vital to offer an up-to-date payment solution.

With Sileon there is no need for months of in-house development when you want to launch your Buy Now Pay Later offering. We can equip you with a scalable world class BNPL SaaS platform in short time. With that, you get the latest BNPL capabilities to offer to your customers – all in your brand.

  • Widen your offering
  • Go-to-market fast
  • Reduce complexity
  • Stay updated all the time

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Sileon for merchants

Know your customers, win your market. With Sileon you get BNPL capabilities under your brand, with your customer relationships and valuable data in your own hands.

Our flexible platform and solutions serve as your in-house BNPL engine, giving you full control to tailor the customer journey and brand experience.

  • Plugs into your financing solution
  • SaaS based business model
  • Full control of your data and customers dialogue
  • Scalable, market and technology agnostic

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