Your future-proof BNPL product - ready to go live within weeks

For banks, lenders and fintechs

Are you looking to scale your business and increase your offering with a reliable, highly secure and userfriendly BNPL product?

We’ve got you covered.

We enable you to securely run your BNPL in-house with our modular SaaS Platform and Solution modules, which will seamlessly plug into your financial system.

Our Platform and Solution modules


Replicating a core-banking system for BNPL, the global Platform consists of the following capabilities:

-Purchase and Refund Management
-Account Management
-BNPL Products Management
-Data Access Management
-Identity and Access Management

On top of the Platform, you’ll find our elective regional Solution modules. These modules serve as flexible components, allowing you to either run an end-to-end solution or customize your BNPL offer. You can select one or several of the following:

-KYC/ID validation
-Decision Engine
-Consumer Communication
-Advanced Analytics

BNPL complexity made easy

Let our Platform and Solution modules do the work

A BNPL product needs to serve many purposes and possible outcomes.

That’s why we’ve created a fully scalable and API-based BNPL product, easily adjusted to meet the needs of your business, no matter what market you call home.

Fast to market


Going fast to market is essential for any business wanting to stay relevant and keep up with the growing digitalization trend. But building a market agnostic and bullet-proof BNPL platform in-house can take years, especially for a bank with complex infrastructure.

With Sileon’s modular and API-based SaaS product you can go live with your BNPL offering within weeks.

Under your flag


We believe in individuality. Our goal is therefore never to steal your spotlight. Instead, our product enables you to run your BNPL in-house and create unique customer experiences while staying true to your brand.

Of course, you also acquire full ownership and control over your customer relationships and data.

Modular and flexible


Start small and expand over time? With Sileon you can pick and choose modules depending on your needs and what you already have in store.

The modular approach caters to flexibility as you are able to expand with new credit products or additional markets as your company grows. After all, it’s all up to you how you wish to run your business.



Restrictions limitate and we like to think outside the box. Our business model is SaaS-based and so is our BNPL product, allowing you to scale your business and take part in the global growth journey where BNPL expects to dominate.

The BNPL product is market, brand and technology agnostic, letting you serve your end customers no matter where your business is located.

Low complexity and risk


With the API-based model approach complexity and risk is reduced.

The secure APIs allow the BNPL Platform to swiftly and cost-efficiently integrate into your existing financial system, making it possible for you to mix and match your BNPL offering to fit your infrastructure.

Proven and secure


When launching a BNPL offering, the top priority should always be its security.

We have 20 years of experience when it comes to developing pioneering tech and payment solutions. With that in mind, it’s safe to say that a lot of time and resources have been invested to build our superior BNPL product that accommodates change while still keeping the security intact.

But don’t take our word for it, our BNPL product is up and running on several of the largest e-commerce companies in the Nordic.

How to launch your BNPL offering


With Sileon’s modular and flexible SaaS product, you can launch your BNPL offering in just a matter of weeks – from initial contact to implemented solution.

The onboarding is simple with a designated team helping you integrate the product seamlessly into your infrastructure.

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