World class BNPL SaaS platform

Sileons cloud based platform is API based and simple to implement.

This means you can easily get the BNPL functionality you need based on your requirements. Our onboarding team will support you through the process, you can go live within weeks – not months.

  • Purchase handling
  • Deposit handling
  • Account handling
  • Transaction log
  • Dynamic Credit products
  • Repayment handling

Sileon and Visa collaboration

“Sileon is one of the most exciting companies in this segment. Therefore, Visa is extremely pleased to expand our collaboration with this investment.

Through the collaboration with Sileon, our customers can offer a competitive product and take a position in a rapidly growing market. Visa sees this as a long-term and strategic investment to strengthen our offering and our customers further beyond card payments.”

Philip Konopik
Nordic Manager, Visa

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