Why card-linked BNPL with Sileon?

Your benefits

No tech barrier

Embrace innovation without the hassle of technological barriers. Our plug-and-play BNPL SaaS Platform lets you use your existing card infrastructure, ultimately allowing you to skip lengthy and extensive in-house development. The future-proof solution is designed for effortless adoption by banks and card issuers, giving you the freedom to configure and adjust BNPL products for different consumer segments and markets. The best part? No need for coding skills.

Increase revenue

BNPL adoption is forecasted to grow continuously worldwide. By 2027, more than 900 million people are expected to use the payment method. With our cutting-edge BNPL SaaS Platform, you can tap into the prevailing payment trend, swiftly boosting your credit profits through BNPL fees for arrangement, administration, penalty, and interest. At the same time, customers are empowered with various versatile and appealing financing options, enabling them to make informed and flexible purchases.

Bypass checkout and POS

Streamline the customer journey and enhance user satisfaction by bypassing traditional checkout and point-of-sale hurdles. Our card-linked BNPL SaaS Platform enables frictionless transactions, enabling you to manage both positive and negative scenarios throughout the entire BNPL life cycle while giving your customers real-time approval and instant funding for a swift and efficient user experience.

Responsible BNPL

We take pride in promoting responsible financial behaviour. Our card-linked BNPL SaaS Platform is designed with elective Solution modules such as Smart BNPL to support a sustainable BNPL model. With the Smart BNPL Solution module in place, you can easily conduct eligibility checks and gain complete control over the presentation of BNPL products for diverse consumer segments. This allows you to exclude specific customers from BNPL, considering factors such as amount, merchant segment, and merchant ID.

Modernize your cards

By modernizing your cards, you can stay ahead of the competition by providing customers with innovative financial tools, ultimately exceeding your existing cardholders’ digital expectations while attracting new customer segments. Our card-linked BNPL SaaS platform transforms traditional cards into powerful, dynamic instruments, meeting the evolving expectations of today’s tech-savvy consumers.

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