How can I create a tailored BNPL product?

All BNPL products in Sileon’s SaaS Platform can be highly customized to boost your business model and meet market needs. The process of configuring new BNPL products is smooth and takes less than a couple of minutes.

Sileon’s SaaS Platform includes functionalities to create different types of BNPL products, i.e., instalments. An instalment refers to a payment arrangement where the consumer is given the option to divide their total purchase amount into multiple smaller payments over a specified period instead of paying the full amount upfront.

Sileon’s SaaS Platform includes two types of BNPL products:

-Fixed monthly instalment
-Flexible instalment

Depending on the BNPL product type, there are several settings that can be adjusted to create the specific offering you desire, such as a product offering for your most loyal customers or special campaigns.