Sileon and Kindgeek announce partnership to shape the future of finance

Sileon and Kindgeek, а one-stop-shop custom fintech software development provider, are thrilled to announce their partnership, a dynamic collaboration that promises to drive innovation and shape the fintech landscape with cutting-edge solutions.

This alliance brings together Kindgeek’s deep expertise in fintech software development and Sileon’s scalable BNPL software product, comprising a powerful platform and flexible solution modules. We are poised to deliver groundbreaking fintech solutions that empower businesses and revolutionize the financial industry.

By combining Sileon’s scalable BNPL software with Kindgeek’s fintech software development expertise, the partnership ensures the creation of customer-centric solutions that drive growth, enhance user experiences, and meet the evolving demands of the financial industry.

Our combined expertise enables a shorter time to market. Leveraging Kindgeek’s pre-built white-label solutions and the Sileon Platform, you can swiftly launch a credit card-based BNPL solution within weeks. Here’s how the company representatives feel about the partnership:

Yuriy Gnatyuk, Kindgeek COO says: “We look forward to collaborating closely with Sileon, fostering innovation, and driving the future of finance. Together, we will unlock new opportunities, empower businesses, and shape the fintech landscape for years to come.”

Tomas Bromander, Sileon CSPO says: “Sileon is very happy to start collaborating with Kindgeek in the ever-changing financial landscape. The cooperation enables us to explore new innovative ways to work together as we expand our card-based BNPL SaaS internationally.”

This collaboration is set to bring up more user-centricity, and we’re excited to share more updates on our joint initiatives soon. Stay tuned for more exciting developments.

About Sileon
Sileon is a global fintech company that offers an innovative card-based Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) SaaS functionality to banks, card issuers and fintechs. With Sileon’s BNPL product, customers can add BNPL to their existing credit or debit card base and run their B2B or B2C BNPL business in-house.

About Kindgeek
Kindgeek is a one-stop-shop product development company that illuminates how finance companies can reach their full potential with digital solutions. More than 200 companies have trusted Kindgeek to build their MVPs, products, and scale engineering teams. Kindgeek matches innovative technologies, such as blockchain, bots, AI, AR/VR, and NFT/WEB 3.0, with specific business challenges.