About Visa

Visa is a major pioneer in payment technology. Operating in over 200 countries and territories, Visa facilitates digital payments and transactions between consumers, merchants, financial institutions and government entities. Total transactions worldwide were estimated to 259.3 billion in 2022.

Combining Sileon's BNPL tech with payment cards

Through the partnership with Sileon, Visa can leverage the BNPL growth and strengthen banks, card issuers and financial institutions’ payment offerings with technology for BNPL.

With Sileon’s scalable and market-agnostic BNPL SaaS Platform, Visa’s customers can create their own flexible BNPL offering adapted to their end user’s needs. This includes configuring and controlling instalment payments, invoices and revolving credit. As the Platform is payment and market agnostic, it works regardless of payment method and can support all BNPL models, whether they be pre-purchase, point-of-sale or post-purchase. At the same time, any customer using Sileon’s BNPL SaaS Platform possesses full control over data, brand and customer relations.

In addition to Visa reselling Sileon’s BNPL functionality to banks, card issuers and other financial institutions, Visa has invested USD 1.7 million and USD 1 million, respectively, into Sileon’s SaaS Platform and Solution modules.

Sileon and Visa collaboration

“Sileon is one of the most exciting companies in this segment. Therefore, Visa is extremely pleased to expand our collaboration with this investment.

Through the collaboration with Sileon, our customers can offer a competitive product and take a position in a rapidly growing market. Visa sees this as a long-term and strategic investment to strengthen our offering and our customers further beyond card payments.”

Philip Konopik
Nordic Manager, Visa

Who we serve

Sileon’s customers consist of banks, card issuers and other fintechs. Find out how they leverage Sileon’s SaaS technology to meet end users growing demand for flexible BNPL.