BNPL Platform

A BNPL Platform allows banks, card issuers, and fintechs to offer their end users the possibility to better manage their finances by purchasing items or services and paying for them later. The BNPL Platform is either built in-house or integrated into the financial system by a BNPL software supplier, like Sileon.

When using Sileon as a BNPL software supplier, card businesses can go to market with a card-linked B2B or B2C BNPL offering under their own brand. Besides, by adding Solution modules to the BNPL Platform, card businesses can shorten the time to market and easily scale their BNPL offering to reach a broader customer segment. In contrast to building a BNPL Platform in-house, partnering with Sileon will allow card businesses to stay relevant for their customers while saving significant time, budget and resources.