Why choose Sileon?

Your benefits

Proven and Secure

With a secure and ISO-certificated BNPL SaaS Platform, Sileon’s advanced technology has been endorsed by card-issuing banks, fintechs and major digital payment technology companies such as Visa. The Platform is built on a foundation of proven robust security measures to ensure the confidentiality of financial data and proactive fraud prevention, ultimately giving you peace of mind with every transaction.

Fast to market

Fast time to market is crucial for a bank or card issuer wanting to gain traction in the BNPL momentum. With our fast-to-market approach, you can swiftly integrate our card-linked BNPL SaaS Platform into your financial ecosystem and expect to be up and running with your BNPL within a couple of weeks. Say goodbye to lengthy implementation processes and hello to a quick and efficient onboarding experience.


As your B2B and B2C customers’ financial needs evolve, so does our card-linked BNPL Platform. Our scalable solution grows with you, adapting to the changing financial landscape, consumer demand and market trends. Besides, Sileon’s flexible and scalable BNPL SaaS Platform comes with a modular design, allowing your card business to easily add new features and modules without disrupting the existing infrastructure.

Responsible BNPL

We take pride in promoting responsible financial behaviour. Our card-linked BNPL SaaS Platform is designed with elective Solution modules such as Smart BNPL to support a sustainable BNPL model. With the Smart BNPL Solution module in place, you can easily conduct eligibility checks and gain complete control over the presentation of BNPL products for diverse consumer segments. This allows you to exclude specific customers from BNPL, considering factors such as amount, merchant segment, and merchant ID.

Unlimited BNPL

We don’t believe in a one-solution-fits-all. As consumers today demand personalized experiences tailored to their unique financial profiles and lifestyle preferences, we have developed a BNPL SaaS Platform that lets you configure unlimited BNPL offerings across multiple markets, brands and customer segments.

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