Why choose Sileon?

Your future-proof BNPL Platform for credit cards

The main capabilities of Sileon’s SaaS Platform include offering BNPL options to your customers, allowing them to convert already completed credit card purchases into BNPL products retroactively.

For an end user, this means splitting a purchase made by a credit card into numerous instalments directly in a bank app. Other capabilities of the Platform include postponing an invoice to a later date or choosing the BNPL option when paying with a credit card at checkout.

For a bank or card issuer, it means capturing a new demographic and improving profitability without any additional risk. Besides, as Sileon’s cloud-based BNPL SaaS Platform connects to your infrastructure through a simple integration, all necessary actions are seamlessly addressed behind the scenes without burdening your IT capacity or system. And yes, the Platform is fully tokenised, allowing you to keep customer dialogue, terms, and data within your core business.

What’s your annual BNPL revenue?

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Whether you are an established bank thinking of adding BNPL to your existing card base or a newly started fintech curious to crunch the BNPL numbers, Sileon’s BNPL ROI calculator can help you make an informed decision.

Simply enter the number of credit or debit cards (or both) to find out your estimated yearly number of transactions, BNPL plans, and annual BNPL revenue.

* M = Million** MEUR = Million Euro

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Use case

Credit card-linked Pay Later

Sileon’s global BNPL SaaS Platform provides all the necessary capabilities for a credit card-linked BNPL offering, allowing you to improve profitability and customer satisfaction.

In this use case demo, we’ll take a closer look at the actions performed by Sileon’s BNPL SaaS Platform when an end user decides to convert a completed purchase made by a credit card into a six-month instalment plan.

Go fast to market and scale your business

Sileon’s BNPL SaaS Platform acts as a core-banking system for credit card-linked BNPL and is essential for any bank, card issuer, lender or fintech wanting to run a smooth B2B or B2C BNPL operation in-house. It’s easily integrated into your financial system by two external APIs, which handle all communication.

With the Platform, you can launch credit card-linked BNPL within 6-8 weeks. Additionally, you can easily also scale with new BNPL products, such as debit and/-or co-branded cards, by adding Sileon’s Solution modules.

The setup is equally relevant for banks, card issuers, lenders and fintechs striving to quickly enter the booming BNPL market with a flexible yet fully compliant and secure SaaS product.

Capabilities and functions

The Platform’s capabilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Purchase and Refund Management
The first and foremost capability lets you execute multiple actions in the Platform. These include creating or editing purchases, refunding, or managing line items and discounts.

• Account Management
The Account Management capability allows you to create and manage accounts. This includes, for example, registering deposits, removing fees and interest, and enabling end users to Opt-Out from an instalment plan. The capability also includes ledger functionality.

• BNPL Product Management
This capability allows you to create and tailor different BNPL products within minutes to meet specific market and end users’ needs. These include monthly or flexible instalments, direct invoicing, and revolving credit.

• Data Access Management
This capability handles all data securely, ensuring you possess full ownership of business transactions processed through the Platform.

• Identity and Access Management
This critical security component allows you to manage user access, invitations, and client configurations.

Add BNPL to your debit card base

Solutions modules for extra flexibility

With the BNPL SaaS Platform for credit cards in place, you can easily scale your business further by adding BNPL to your debit card base.

Scaling with new BNPL products is possible through Sileon’s Solution modules. These Solution modules are elective components and can easily be added or removed depending on your needs and preferences.

Frequently asked questions about credit card-linked BNPL

  • What is BNPL with a credit card?

    BNPL with a credit card, i.e., credit card-linked BNPL, means embedding Buy Now Pay Later options to credit cards, enabling end users to convert completed purchases into instalment plans. By integrating Sileon’s BNPL SaaS Platform with your credit card business, you can immediately enlarge your credit profits with BNPL fees for arrangement, administration, penalty, and interest.

  • Why should you offer BNPL to your credit customers?

    Adding a B2B or B2C BNPL offering to credit customers allows banks, card issuers and fintechs to meet the immense consumer preference for adopting BNPL plans over traditional payment methods. Embedding Sileon’s BNPL tech to credit cards thus enables you to stay relevant and attract the younger generations while dramatically increasing your revenue.

  • How do you align the billing cycle of the BNPL products with the billing cycles of my card base?

    With Sileon’s versatile BNPL SaaS Platform, you have the opportunity to choose the length of the billing cycle, due date and grace period. This means you have everything you need to swiftly add BNPL features to your revolving credit products.

  • What is BNPL SaaS?

    BNPL SaaS stands for Buy Now Pay Later, offered as a Software as a Service. Essentially it means that businesses don’t have to build their own BNPL Platform but can still offer BNPL to their customers through a cloud-based software program that runs directly through the web. Sileon provides a high-end and flexible BNPL SaaS Platform and Solution modules designed to handle large transaction volumes.

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