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Extend your offering with debit card-linked BNPL

Add Solution modules for additional flexibility

Adding Solution modules to the SaaS Platform allows you to extend your credit card payment offering and include BNPL for debit cards as well.

Flexibility is key when configuring payment methods to meet the high demand of today’s end users. That’s why we’ve added extra functionality to our BNPL SaaS Platform to ensure you can create the ultimate BNPL offering that fits your specific needs, regardless of whether you focus on B2B or B2C.

What’s your annual BNPL revenue?

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Whether you are an established bank thinking of adding BNPL to your existing card base or a newly started fintech curious to crunch the BNPL numbers, Sileon’s BNPL ROI calculator can help you make an informed decision.

Simply enter the number of credit or debit cards (or both) to find out your estimated yearly number of transactions, BNPL plans, and annual BNPL revenue.

* M = Million** MEUR = Million Euro

Want to know more about the BNPL ROI specifics for your card business?

Use case

Debit card-linked Pay Later

With Sileon’s SaaS Platform and Solution modules integrated into your internal systems, you’ll get all the necessary capabilities to offer debit card-linked BNPL within a matter of weeks.

In this use case, we’ll take a closer look at the actions performed by Sileon’s BNPL SaaS Platform when an end user decides to convert a completed debit card purchase into instalments.

Combining the BNPL SaaS Platform with Solution modules

Sileon’s Solution modules are placed on top of the Platform, adding extra capabilities to your existing BNPL offering.

The modules allow you to either run an end-to-end solution or tailor your BNPL offering by selecting one or several of the following:

  • Fraud – Modern fraud prevention for BNPL.
  • KYC/ID validation – Identity verification to minimize the risk of fraud and be compliant.
  • Decisioning – A modern and instant decision engine for BNPL with the possibility to connect credit checks into the decision flow with complete control.
  • AML/PEP – Compliance check.
  • Smart BNPL – Bypass complex checkout infrastructure and offer BNPL at point of purchase by notifying end user. Decide who and when to present and make BNPL eligible for.
  • Consumer Communication – Inform and communicate with your customers for all payment-related actions; for example, send payment reminders through digital channels.
  • Analytics – Access to a dashboard with standard reports and graphs with the possibility to export the data.
  • Advanced analytics – Possibility to create reports based on the data.

Sileon's BNPL SaaS Platform for credit cards

The underlying engine for your card-linked BNPL offering

Sileon’s BNPL SaaS Platform is essential for any bank, card issuer, lender or fintech wanting to operate card-linked B2B or B2C BNPL in-house. It’s the foundation that handles the different transaction flows that BNPL requires. Therefore, the Platform must be integrated into your financial system before adding extra functionality, such as Solution modules for debit card-linked BNPL.

Frequently asked questions about debit card-linked BNPL

  • What is debit card-linked BNPL?

    Debit card-linked BNPL means offering your customers post-transaction financing for purchases made with their debit card. By integrating Sileon’s BNPL SaaS Platform, you can easily upgrade your infrastructure with BNPL options and turn debit card users into profitable credit customers.

  • Why should you offer BNPL to your cardholders?

    BNPL has seen a significant surge and shows no signs of slowing down, especially among millennials and Gen Z, who favour the payment method due to its easy access to credit, flexible payment plans and beneficial terms. Altogether, BNPL is expected to increase by 274% in global spending until 2026, reaching 1.5 billion users worldwide.

    As BNPL has shaped consumer expectations, banks, card issuers and fintechs need to embed the payment method into their cards in order to stay competitive. Besides, when providing consumers with BNPL options, you can reach a broader customer segment and dramatically increase revenue.

  • Does card-linked BNPL require credit risk assessment?

    Yes, although BNPL loans are not as rigorous as traditional loans, they require an assessment to manage the credit risk associated with the customer. Furthermore, the risk assessment must be instant to ensure a smooth user experience for your customers.

  • What is BNPL SaaS?

    BNPL SaaS is essentially Buy Now Pay Later, offered as a Software as a Service. Sileon offers a high-end card-linked BNPL SaaS Platform and Solution modules, enabling you to bypass outdated, complex legacy systems and go fast to market with a card-linked BNPL offering.

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