What are the advantages of using Sileon’s card-linked BNPL SaaS?

Using Sileon’s BNPL SaaS product comes with many advantages. First and foremost, it allows you to quickly go to market with a card-linked BNPL offering while maintaining full ownership of brand, data and customer relationships.

The product is completely flexible and modular. It allows you to further scale to new markets and customer segments with tailored BNPL products for either B2B or B2C. Besides, as Sileon’s BNPL SaaS product is payment transaction agnostic, a BNPL offering can be based on any type of payment method. 

The setup of adding BNPL to your existing card base is seamless and done through one simple integration. Once you are live with your BNPL offering, you can provide your end users with the modern and flexible payment method they seek, letting you stay relevant in the dynamic payments market and ultimately increase your profits.